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Crash Course!

We’ve done our homework.  MDI WristWatch® series robotic tooling protection systems are the newest, most advanced robot overload protection products known to the industry today.  Our expansive line of safety systems extends use of protected robot tooling into applications unserviceable by conventional flexible joints until now. 

We’ve researched, we’ve asked the industry experts…the manufacturers and end-users alike…to tell us their problems…and changed them to our opportunities --- our products. 

Every new MDI WristWatch robotic tooling protection system offers standard features even the most skeptical engineer will want to apply.  We’ve developed a unique six-point V-Roller design, giving the WristWatch even more equally distributed, omni-directional freedom of movement.  We’ve reduced the number of mechanical components in an electronic sensor drawer assembly that’s removable from the unit --- on the robot!  Load-carrying capacity is adjustable externally --- easy to adjust with the turn of a dial on many models.  And we’ve eliminated the need for costly, bulky adapter plates with most of our systems, reducing unwanted weight and offset to tooling profile. 

Most important, we haven’t forgotten what we’ve learned.  Thousands of successful installations world wide have taught us, our customers and our competition alike that there is still nothing more durable, more repeatable, or more dependable than our original, precision V-Roller design.  And we’ve remembered the importance of accurate, automatic reset to keep your cell up and running after a collision. 

Don’t stop here!  Take a minute to get familiar with today’s proven industry leader in robotic tooling protection systems technology.  Call us in on your next robot-aided manufacturing application and we’ll let you try one on for size.